This year’s color

It’s no secret that the colors that are in your home can have a positive effect on the atmosphere. Last year, terracotta, turquoise, moss green and ochre dominated. The color for the year 2020 is a shade of blue called Naval.

What does Naval look like?

This term refers to a rich, dark blue. It belongs to the category of Navy Blue, which is often used in modern design. The special feature of this colour is that it is an elegant companion to black and grey. The shade is reminiscent of the night sky. He radiates calmness, a pleasant mood but also seriousness.

Even in the most restless corners of your home, Naval brings balance. Nevertheless, he exudes self-confidence. The colour fits in the bedroom, but it doesn’t just have to stay there. The kitchen cabinets or smaller pieces of furniture in this tone can also change your décor in a positive way.

How to best use Navy Blue

Our shade can be used very well as a neutral element. In combination with warm colours, it can express its strength particularly well. With dark red, beige or in combination with a fresh white, the color looks very elegant. It is particularly suitable in minimalist furnished apartments, as it is not dominant but still effective.

Even with a light pink, the color of the year exudes a youthfulness, originality and lightness. If you add coffee tones to this color combination, your home will get a whole new face.

In combination with natural materials, Naval has a particularly pleasant effect. Linen curtains or woven carpets, supplemented with plants, can conjure up a real oasis of relaxation within your four walls.

If you like extravagance, then you can also bring more contrasting colors such as yellow or red into play. If you wish, you can complement Naval with other accessories that exude a sailor atmosphere in your home.

Photo: twincities.com