Magical Christmas in a small apartment

Christmas is on the horizon again and perhaps you are asking yourself the question of how to decorate your four walls stylishly and space-saving? We will give you tips so that you can conjure up a cozy atmosphere without having a crowded apartment.

Illuminate your interior

The quickest way to bring in the Christmas atmosphere is with fairy lights. It is practical that not only the Christmas tree can be decorated with it, but also the bed frame and your bookshelf. Fairy lights also fit on the table as decoration. Whether you choose warm or cold light is up to you.

Choose the right tree size

Nowadays, artificial trees can be bought in all kinds of sizes. This is a great advantage if you have limited space. And even a small Christmas tree can be effective if it is beautifully decorated on a living room table. An alternative is to buy a tree in a pot and put it out after the Christmas season and bring it back into the apartment the next year. Or you can even plant the tree in the garden. In general, spruce trees are recommended for this choice, as they hold up better as a potted plant.

Decorate creatively

Homemade decoration will bring a certain charm to your home. Collect pine cones from the forest or buy walnuts and paint them white, silver or golden. And the tree can also be different. The internet is full of ideas on how to make a Christmas tree out of books, wire, fairy lights or paper. There are no limits to creativity here.

Take advantage of the walls

This tip is worthwhile if you don’t have much space in your home but still want to put up Christmas decorations. You don’t have to buy a large amount of accessories that fill your home unnecessarily. Our advice: decorate your walls. Hang a Christmas wreath or fir garland, put candles on the shelves. Decorate your walls with a fir branch that you hang or with Christmas baubles. Now Christmas can come!